Putin: Russia's new weapons will be unrivaled everywhere

By On October 25, 2018

Putin: Russia's new weapons will be unrivaled everywhere

President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia plans to commission new military weapons that would be unrivaled throughout the world.

Putin's statement follows U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement that he intends to opt out of a 1987 nuclear arms control pact due to alleged Russian violations.

Putin has denied any breaches and accused Washington of violating the pact.

"Russia doesn't threaten anyone, and has strictly adhered to its obligations in the sphere of international security and arms control," he reiterated while speaking at a meeting with top military officers and law enforcement officials.

At the same time, Putin said Russian arsenals would be modernized to ensure protection from potential threats. The new Russian weapons "significantly excel foreign designs and are simply unrivaled," he said.

His comment s came as NATO's biggest military maneuvers since the Cold War kicked off Thursday in Norway with about 55,000 military personnel.

Source: Google News Russia | Netizen 24 Russia

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